Using Bourbon

Bourbon is the useful Library of SASS Mixin created by thoughtbot.

In my case, there's a few problem when I use box-shadow mixin. This is simple tutorial to use bourbon correctly with nanoc. (compact function did not work.) It seems not using sass filter has no way to "-r bourbon/lib/bourbon.rb" option.

| |
| `stylesheet.sass

So you should install bourbon gem first, next you should run bourbon install in nanoc's folder. not into content's folder. and you will do bourbon update in same directory.

well, your sass file have to import bourbon. add the line @import ../bourbon/bourbon instead of @import bourbon/bourbon in content/style.sass.

Finally your add Rules to

require "bourbon" # maybe not need

compile /stylesheet/ do
  filter :sass

That's it!


Note: same way, if you don't need specify compass's option, you don't need to create compass's config.rb or compass.rb. (Please check out my repo. there's no config.rb)